Dear Author(s):

Use the following bank details for bank transfer

Bank Name :  The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
Address:  53/54 George Street, BN3 3YB
Account Name:  RANA M B ANWAR
Account no.  11 30 45 57
Sort code:  16 14 24
Swift Code/BIC:  RBOS GB 2L
IBAN :  GB76 RBOS 1614 2411 3045 57

After you make your payment, please forward the following information to

  • Name of the Sender (exactly as it appears on your bank transfer receipt)
  • Bank Transfer Number (if available)
  • Scanned copy of receipt (if available)
  • Article Title for which you have paid the publication fee

After you make your payment, please follow these instructions to avoid any delays in publishing your article(s):

In your e-mail, please clearly mention the name of the journal, for which you are sending your article. Unless you specify the name of the respective journal in your e-mail, your article will not be published.

Please include your payment information (please indicate that you paid by bank transfer) in your e-mail.

Please be advised that no proofs will be sent to you for correction and under no circumstances any further changes will be accepted on your article after this point.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Robest Pual Ashcraft . PhD
Managing Editor
Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies (SJASS).